Remainder Thoerem Concept SSC CGL Exam (Number System)

Post Updated:2 Oct,2018 8:05 PM IST

In SSC exam approx 5 to 10 question was asked from number system topic. For scoring perspective, this topic is very important to understand as well as for understanding the power surd and indices, algebra topic number system is very important. So smart study is very important to cover all the important topic to clear the exam.

As remainder theorem is the backbone of the number system, it gives you the base to solve many big problems with ease. On remainder theorem, SSC set at least 2 to 3 question in Combined Graduate CGL Exam.

So let get start our discussion on the number system topic. Below are the very important concept or part of number system which are important for the one-day competitive exam like SSC, Railway and Bank exam.

Remainder theorem Topic

  1. Simple Remainder theorem (SRT)

  2. Cancellation Remainder theorem (CRT)

  3. Fermate Remainder Theorem (FRT)

  4. Algebraic remainder theorem (ART)

1. Remainder Theorem:

We generally used this theorem when the equation is not so complex and when equation generally gives +1 or -1 remainder. This theorem is base of all theorem you need to understand and practice it carefully to get basic right of the remainder theorem.

2. Cancellation Remainder Theorem (CRT)

We used this theorem when the equation is so complex that we are not able to get remainder +1 or - 1. basically cancellation remainder makes the base of numerator and denominator same so that it can be simplified of canceled. below is the given example.

3. Fermate Remainder theorem (FRT)

The formula states that if a and p is a co-prime number and a has 1 less power then the p then it gives remainder 1.

Fermate Theorem works on a co-prime number. It is very useful and very important for SSC CGL exam.

4. Algebraic Remainder Theorem

This remainder theorem works on polynomial equation where we required to find the remainder of given polynomial equation. This theorem is very important for algebra topic where we will use this. so understanding these theorem is very important.

Although there is many theorems to get the remainder. It depends on the candidate which theorem he/she will preffered to solve the expression. The theorem that we discussed is important for SSC CGL and Bank exam where most of the question is get easily solved via listed theorem.

We will update practice exercise for remainder theorem soon here. Please visit this site regularly to get the latest update on government exam. .

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